Nils Norman, Public Workplace Playground Structure, Graz Austria, 2009

Nils also constructed a temporary playground structure for the Volksgarten in Graz in 2009.

“…Norman has developed an installation of recyclable material that is, or may be, a workplace, playground facility, meeting place and shelter, that is covered with plants, and thus targets various age groups and interests. The facility provides even a DIY-eco-‘rocket oven’ that uses very little fuel and creates great heat to cook on..”

I’m excited about this playscape because of how Nils organized its space…those ‘boxes’ that are both elevated (we love being off the ground!) and short-ceilinged (we love having our head close to the roof!).  As soon as I saw this I remembered being in similar found spaces as a child, but I rarely see them on the playground.  The ramp and tunnels and the fact that the structure itself forms a ‘path’ is bonus.

But I’m not at all sure about the rocket oven.

[quote and photos from the steirischer herbst festival website.]

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  1. Patty said:

    Love your blog! I'm an advocate of “natural playgrounds” and very interested in the history of playgrounds in general. You do some great research, I love your photos and this is just so much fun to read.
    I'm teaching a class which includes a few sessions on nature play, may I use some of your pix (w/attribution to you of course) for a presentation I'm giving on playgrounds in America? Thank you!

    September 21, 2010 at 3:10 am

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