The playground-inspired art of Judy Rushin

“These days I daydream a lot about the territories that lay between child and adult worlds. These are the places where innocence and experience overlap, where the tension of the safety of the sheltered childhood and the hazard of the encroaching adult world co-exist. If we’re lucky, we visit and revisit these places throughout our lives.
Place is about the construction of personal memory, concentrating on these transitional places.
The work arises from a combination of intuitive responses, direct observation and conceptual resonance. “
Above, “Blue Structure”. See more at Judy Rushin’s website.

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  1. la_sale_bete said:

    These are great paintings–some of the places they depict look like they’re straight out of someone’s imagination.

    September 28, 2008 at 2:05 am

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