Cube for Children, Michael Clyde Johnson, Brooklyn, 2013

michael clyde johnson cube for children play sculpture2michael clyde johnson cube for children play sculpture1michael clyde johnson cube for children play sculpture2Ausstellung Max Bill | exhibition Max Bill

It is a hazard of writing this blog for five years  that everything now reminds me of something else!   But perhaps that’s good as it dredges up things from the depths of the blog that only the most intrepid or long-standing of you readers may have seen.   Brooklyn artist Michael Clyde Johnson’s “Cube for Children’, commissioned by DUMBO Arts Festival in partnership with Brooklyn Bridge Park, is part of a body of work using cubes in simple pine as austere but still playful outdoor follies (see also his Two Viewing Rooms, Offset, 2012 andOutdoor Seating, Benches, Table, 2013).

It makes me remember one of the very first pieces I posted on the blog that helped me think about playground structures in a new way, this  Thomas Mayer sculpture.  Inspired, both.   Thanks Michael!


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