Gigantry, Rebar Studio, San Francisco USA, proposed

San Francisco’s Rebar Studio–who also bring you the well-known Park(ing) Day and are fond of putting inflatable pillows in urban spaces–answered a brief for public art with a local history-inspired play installation.

Gigantry is an interactive public sculpture in the form of a scaled and stylized model of the 450-ton bridge crane that dominates the southern vistas from the hilltop of the Hunters Point Housing development in San Francisco. By referencing the formal characteristics of the crane, Gigantry samples a dominant visual element of the area’s historic military infrastructure and recasts it as a playful, interactive sculpture.”

Gigantry  was planned for 2011-2012 but doesn’t seem to have been installed yet…any of my S.F. readers know its status?

[all photos via Rebar Studio…see also the playful street furniture they recently self-built for Washington D.C.!]

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