MobiVersum Play Landscape, J Mayer H, Volkswagen Wolfsburg, Germany, 2014

The Empire strikes back with the starship worthy ‘Mobiversum’ by architecture firm  J. Mayer H.   They’ve used their characteristic thick lines (all their work looks like it was drawn with a really fat magic marker) to make an ambitious indoor playground at a Volkswagen campus in Wolfsburg, Germany.  Its abstract, cartoonish shapes at first just look like a gargantuan sculpture, but on closer examination reveal stairs and slides, nets and secret passageways.    I’m not sure how they got this past the safety police, but I’m glad they did…these are the sorts of innovative forms that will drive the next generation of playgrounds.   The sculpture is made entirely of wood, and the contribution of fabricators Hess Timber should not go unnoticed.  Don’t miss the interactive panorama on their website.

Might the MobiVersum (like its name) be a bit more flash than play value?  Yes.  But still, wow.  (images from J. Mayer H, via metropolismag)

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