Play Sculpture (and Paige) in Sheffield, September 16

The lab is up and functioning in our new and bigger space, thanks for being understanding.   Some day your cell phone batteries will last twice as long because of  nanotechnology and you can think back and be like, yeah, those times  when she couldn’t keep up with the blog, that’s when all that was happening.  I’m incredibly behind on emails, too; if you’ve sent something recently maybe just resend.

All my schedule needs is an international flight, so I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be giving a lecture in conjunction with the Planning for Play exhibition by my friends Simon and Tom Bloor, running at the Site Gallery in Sheffield UK until the 20th of September!

Simon & Tom are working on a series of play sculptures inspired by some of our favorite people:  Aldo van Eyck, Richard Dattner, and Lady Allen Hurtwood.  They’ve transformed the Site Gallery into a combination of studio, exhibition, and play space where they are publicly working up drawings and designs, and experimenting with new materials for  a series of sculptures based on their research into children’s playspaces and the postwar urban landscape.

My talk, Play Sculpture from the Pre-Playground to the Post-Playground Era  will be on Tuesday the 16th, at 5:30 pm.  Register online at Site Gallery.  Do come, and  don’t fail to introduce yourself!  I love to meet readers, and I want to hear your thoughts on what you find exciting and interesting in play.

If you can, also make time to hear Jumping Stones:  The Playspaces of Aldo van Eyckon Saturday the 20th at 12:30 pm, given by Anna van Lingen and Denisa Kollarova, who have been studying our hero’s work in Amsterdam. .  I’ll be there for that one too!  Hope to see you in Sheffield.

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