Roly-Poly Playground, Monstrum, Gentofte Denmark, 2012

From reptiles to crustaceans…Playscapes favorite Monstrum’s latest playground installation is based on the roly-poly, which is about the only ‘bug’ (I know, they’re not technically bugs!) I wasn’t scared of as a child.

What takes this playscape to another level is, as always, Monstrum’s imagination:  the roly poly wasn’t imagined in a static pose as playground animals so often are.  Instead, it is clearly ‘moving’ amongst the leaves and detritus of the forest floor, just as one of these isopods might actually be doing in the forest of the surrounding public park.  Challenging climbs, great ‘hang-out’ spaces, and an added textual element:

“With our new playground “Roly Poly” we have chosen to take words and phrases into the game.

We have done this by cutting 14. small sentences with information in various places around the playground that children can find.

It’s fun for kids to get small detailed information depending where they are on the playground, like:

Did you know that the Roly Poly breathes through gills?

The Roly Poly can be up to 4 years old.

The female can not lay eggs until she is 2 years old.”

See also Monstrum’s playground of Copenhagen rooftops, and a general post on their engaging work here.

[All photos via Monstrum.]


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