The Playscapes of Bridget Beck, Minnesota USA

Sculptor Bridget Beck makes public artwork embedded with collaboration and narration–pieces that don’t just derive from playgrounds but actually are playgrounds. She created two large-scale pieces for the Franconia Sculpture Park in Franconia Minnesota, the first simply as a delightful ‘Playstation’ but the second as a ‘Poetry Studio’, a place for play and poetry together complete with a writing desk and a balcony for readings.

I’m incredibly inspired by her most recent work, “Locomotive”, which brings the same collaborative and playful art experience to elders of the community.  Working off her own love of locomotives, she discovered that many of the seniors at area nursing homes had strong memories of trains.  They decorated steel panels, which she incorporated into a traveling, wheel-chair accessible play-art piece.

The playground of the future will be multi-generational, rather than child-specific, and ideas like Bridget’s are helping shape it…well-done!

More about each of these projects in the video below from Minnesota Original...all photos are by Bridget, via Bridget Beck’s website.



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