Typographic Play Sculpture, Vollaerswzart, Oldenzaal Netherlands, 2009

“Typographic garden commissioned by the Thij College in Oldenzaal. Nine objects covered in artificial grass are used as outdoor furniture for the school. It serves as an engaging space for secondary school children. The usually flat material of artificial turf achieves three-dimensionality through the oversized letters that spread across a 20-meter circle. The Nine huge letters form both the seating area itself and the name of the project, offering a range of playful lounging options where youngsters can relax and socialize.”

A great playful teenage gathering space with the essentials for this age group:  options for private socializing and potential for showing off.  The semi-closed spaces of the topography provide the former, and its dimensionality, which allows for some climbing and jumping, provides the latter.

Part of an interesting body of public space work by Dutch firm Vollaerswzart.

See also the previously posted ABC furniture by Roeland Otten.



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