Colorful Skate Ramp, Palais de Tokyo, Ulla von Brandenburg, 2013

I’m inspired by Ulla von Brandenburg‘s use of color in this temporary installation entitled Death of a King at the Palais de Tokyo.  It is also a playable skate ramp.  When playscapes use color, they often do it in a less-than-thoughtful way (think poles in primaries).

Do you know of  a playground that uses color particularly well?

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  1. mari said:

    Hei – we have designed a playground i the northeasternmost part of Norwya where the winters are long. The putdoorarea for shelter for the kids when the weather is cold and rough is designed as an activity landscape in a strong warm orange – as a warm contrast to snow and cold. It is a place for running, climbing, otdoor teaching or just hanging out.The solar angles in the Northernmost part of Norway are so low that the heating of vertical surfaces is important in spring ang automn. This roof-covered sothfacing orange outdoor space will therefore also become an actually warmer microclimate – and the effect is emphasized by the use of colour. Here is a link to our project discrition – hopefully google can help you translate(some of the pictures are taken before the climbing grips were mounted on the orange wall – the kids even then tried climbing it in pure inspiration, I think):
    Here is a link to the Norwegian Assocoation of Architectures description:

    Best regards – and thank you for a really inspiring blog!

    January 18, 2014 at 12:10 am

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