Is this the most beautiful basketball court in the world?

As if in answer to my plea of “why can’t playgrounds be more beautiful?” up springs a kaleidoscopic basketball court in the ninth arrondissement of Paris.  At 22 rue Duperré, in the Pigalle neighborhood, an existing court tucked between two buildings has been overhauled due to the advocacy of Stéphane Ashpool, creator of the Pigalle fashion brand and committed basketball player, with funds from Nike.

My first thought was of Mondrian, but according to the project’s artistic director, Subreville Thomas at Ill Studio it’s actually inspired by the Russian  constructivist artist Malevich and his images of athletes.

Art and Play and Urban Reinvention all at once…great inspiration for the movement to appropriate urban alleyways and vacant lots for play!

[source, and thanks to Chris for the tip!]

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