Glamis Adventure Playground, Shadwell London, with Helen Mirren

“All children should have a place like this”  Dame Helen Mirren

It is always a joy to be at Glamis Adventure Playground, as I was again this year for Open House London.  I generally take my own video while I’m there, but you’ll like this one with Helen Mirren better!  She planned a short visit to the playground but ended up staying a long time, as does most everyone who visits Glamis.

It’s not just watching the kids play on giant swings, and wacky self-built and self-painted playhouses.  It’s not just seeing them fix bikes, and cook over a fire.  Whenever I’m at Glamis,  I’m impressed by seeing the children navigate their relationships with one another–learning to cooperate, to apologize, to handle conflict peacefully, to test ideas–via the playground.

Glamis Adventure Playground depends on donations for its survival.  It has been a part of the Shadwell community since the 1960s, but in 2011, lack of funding forced them to reduce their open days from six to four, in spite of the fact that Tower Hamlets has one of the highest population densities in the UK, with over 60% of the children in relative poverty.

“Please support this project!”  Dame Helen Mirren

I second that.    Donate to Glamis at their website.

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