Nils Norman’s Online Playscape Archives

If you’ve enjoyed perusing Architecture of Play you should also head over to Nils’ website, dismalgarden, where he has made years of photographic archives of playscapes freely available to all.  It’s a treasure trove of ideas and sites; many of adventure playgrounds around the world, “pockets of disorder” in the urban space.  I picked a few favorites for today’s post but will be returning to some of the sites for examination in more detailed posts.   Nils also has assembled a unique photographic collection of defensive architecture–unplayful interventions like anti-skate features–that should make us question how ‘public’ ‘public space’ really is, and what it means when play is forbidden and confined.   Nils’ body of work, which includes refreshing simple play installations as well as art and commentary on  what playgrounds can mean (adventure playscape and edible garden as a monument to civil disobedience?  Yes, I say) will make you think differently about the significance of spaces for play.

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