Bank of Brazil Playscape, Brasilia, Darlan Rosa, 2008

Thanks to Luciana Mendonça for submitting the playscape at the Cultural Centre of the Bank of Brazil via the Playscapes submission feature!  (see the button in the blog’s title bar).  It’s a collection of four playable sculptures by Brazilian artist Darlan Rosa:  Navette, Caterpillar, Hive and Cocoon, all built of perforated carbon steel.  Designed to accomodate adults and children alike, the 35% transparency level of the steel allows movement inside them to be visible to those ‘outside’, and makes for lovely night-lighting effects.  I might wish only that they were placed within a topography that was just as engaging! But 2008 is prior to playgrounds-should-not-be-flat, and the austere seating does suit the trippy utopian architecture of the Center, which it is designed to complement.

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