Battery Park Playscape, Asplan Viak, Trondheim Norway,

Back when I posted about the idea of merging path and playground, reader Mari sent me a link to the ‘Battery Park’ (Ladeparken or Sirkusparken) by Asplan Viak  which combines a wide promenade and a meandering path with play episodes of varying sizes and styles.    Kudos to them for interpreting the entire 16 acre park as a playable space,  rather than ghettoizing the play equipment into  pockets.  There is no barrier here between path and play and the walkway–which can be walked, biked, or skated– meanders through hills, a toddler play area, and wadeable water features with stepping stones and waterfalls.

The ‘youth corner’ is quite literally a hang-out space with hammocks,  site drainage is converted to a playable water rill, and I particularly like how they used safety surfacing laid as a ‘wave’ for a un-slide that is as much about climbing up as scooting down a hill called the ‘Big Top’.

Because the site has been used as a fairground/circus location for over forty years, the landscape architects referred to this history by using a circus theme expressed in cheerful strong colors.  They wisely used light and abstract references rather than heavy literal ones, however:  the bright red portal at the entrance could be a circus tent or simply an surreal gate but either way it provides a strong sense of entrance into the play/path, marking it out as the special place that it is.

A 2.5 million dollar project funded largely by developers in the surrounding area rather than simply by government revenues (more projects should be like that), Battery Park was voted the best outdoor space in Norway in 2013.  

Photos via asplan viak.  Thanks Mari!

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  1. mari said:

    Nice to see the tip I sent made it to this inspiring blogpost about the inspiring park:)

    September 11, 2013 at 4:48 am

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