BOULEvard Ball, a moving Playground! Studio ON/OFF, 2014

The BOULEvard ball, developed by studio ON/OFF for last fall’s Kanal Playground Festival in Brussels,  was based on the “tensegrity” principles of Buckminster Fuller.  It uses compression to create a  large 4m tall boulder, made of plumbing pipes, that is tough enough to roll through the city! 

Through a series of workshops with locals, the ball was community-assembled  then dispatched on an urban expedition through the canal area of Brussels.  Its mission was to create play in unexpected places, and it attracted both curiosity and participation as it rolled past resident’s windows.  

I love their mission statement:  “Do-It-Yourself doesn’t have to be small, the city is a playground for
experiments just as much as a shed filled with half-fixed furniture and modified shelves.The BOULEvard ball shows that DIY can also be collective, and its results can be shared in common.”

BOULEvard from Andrew Bateman on Vimeo.

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  1. Bernie DeKoven said: – see what you made me do?! Paige, you’re such an inspiration. Thank you on behalf of all playkind for your endless research and devotion.

    June 02, 2015 at 12:36 pm

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