Camparc, Free Play with Technology, Hubbub, Netherlands, 2015

I’m always excited to see new integrations of technology and play….these are the playscapes of the future, and even while we honor ‘traditional’ playgrounds we need to keep pushing forward with new forms and expressions that will continue to engage all ages in spaces for play.

Camparc is a pan­or­amic cam­era ball play­ground. It con­sists of a num­ber of man-size balls which trans­mit live 360-degrees video to a large urban screen. Camparc invites people to explore their sur­round­ings using these unique cam­era toys through free play. Anamorphic puzzles are drawn on streets and walls in the sur­round­ing area to provide play­ers with addi­tional chal­lenges. These draw­ings tie together the screen, balls and space in one delight­ful experience.”

Camparc is by hubbub, a Netherlands practice which describes itself as “..a geo­graph­ic­ally dis­trib­uted team of people with back­grounds in design, tech­no­logy and games….we make things with which people can have fun, express them­selves and gain a bet­ter under­stand­ing of the world.”

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