Cardboard ArtPlay, Monash University Architecture Students, Melbourne Australia

Far more elaborate designs at ArtPlay in Melbourne, Australia, where “Each year, first-semester students in the Department of Architecture at Monash University undertake a design–make studio project…groups of around seventeen students collectively design, fabricate and install full-scale creative play spaces out of corrugated cardboard.”  What a great program! [source, see also additional images here]

One Response to “Cardboard ArtPlay, Monash University Architecture Students, Melbourne Australia”

  1. Kate said:

    This is a wonderful, ambitious construction! What a complex piece of engineering!

    From a practical play perspective, there are some drawbacks: lack of visibility into the structure means anti-social behaviour (hitting, biting etc) cannot be seen. Likewise, the child who becomes fearful and needs rescuing (an upset or confused child may ‘freeze’) would be hard to locate – and an adult may have to enter the space in order to comfort and recover the child.

    But a laudable project, and a fun-looking structure, especially good for the child that has a strong sense of spatial awareness.

    December 04, 2014 at 1:25 am

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