Charlotte Ammundsens Play Plaza, Copenhagen Denmark, 1:1 Landskab, 2008

1:1 Landskab are also responsible for the similarly faceted Charlotte Ammundsens Plaza, also in Copenhagen.  From their site:

“If you walk across the square in front of Kulturhuset Indre on a quiet April morning, you can enjoy the site’s flowering trees and white rocky landscape. Later in the day it might be the local boys  playing hockey or takinging karate that catches your eye. Charlotte Ammundsens Space has become a meeting place for locals of all ages.

The site is divided into several parts, a classic Copenhagen area with cobblestone, a sunken playing field in black asphalt, a play area with black rubber mat and a white rock landscape. At the Copenhagen area you can sit and enjoy the food from the café of the culture while looking down on the playing pitch, which is embedded in the level of Søgade and terminated by a wide staircase up to Nansensgade. The white rock landscape creates a powerful contrast to the dark playing field and can be used to climb, skate or bike on. All around the site gives ginkgo and flowering cherry trees a poetic atmosphere in the middle of the pavement.”

I don’t feature many skate parks on the blog because frankly I don’t know enough to distinguish a good one from a bad one.  But awhile back I had an interesting conversation with Peter of the Tony Hawk Foundation about connecting skate features to the wider landscape…a skatepark, like a playground, can become its own ghetto:  disconnected from other generations and other functions.  A monoculture, to use a landscape reference.    This space does a great job of having skateable features without being an isolated ‘skateground’.    A playable plaza, in the same way that the Valby construct is a playable garden.

Polycultural playscapes!

P.S.  Don’t you love that they used the dainty flowering cherry tree against such hard-edged features?  Blossoms drifting down on the skaters; so cool.



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  1. Nadia said:

    This is one of the many playgrounds I’ve been meaning to send you pics of, Paige! It has a very chic and sleek climber at one end and some see-saws made of recycled materials at the other. I’ll email you pics now…
    It’s a perfect pocket park – location is great tucked in among flats, and there are activities for all ages. The skate park element can be used for all sorts of play and as a bench, as well as for skating. Plus the basketball.

    January 20, 2014 at 1:51 pm

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