Circle of Squares Treehouse, Jay Smith, Dallas, 2009

Part of the Dallas Arboretum’s 2009 Ultimate Treehouse Competition, which required that the structures be interactive and not attached to the tree, “Square of Circles” won a design award from the Texas Society of Architects.
from their website (I can’t find one for the architect):

“Square of Circles consists of 108 vertical sewer and drain pipes ona 16 x 16-foot plan. The pipes are painted yellow and hinged 16 feet above the ground on a wood frame. Each pipe extends from just above the ground up until it encounters a branch so that each pipe is a different height. Visitors can swing the pipes side to side and move between them. The pivot also allows the pipes to sway with the breeze.”

Jay sold the installation on ebay after the close of the competition…anyone know what happened to it?

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