Community Lantern Playground, TYIN Tegnestue, Bankok Thailand, 2011

When work is done for developing communities in developing countries, the projects are often laudable in many ways but the word ‘refined’ rarely springs to mind.  That’s why I am continually impressed by the built environments created by TYIN tegnestue.

After consulting with the local community for over a year, it took them just three weeks to erect this playful two-story frame atop a deep concrete block platform in an empty slot of a dense residential area of Bankgkok. It provides the residents with basketball hoops, space for football, a stage for performances and public meetings, walls for climbing, swings, and seating both inside and on the edges.  “Bright lights, recycled wood panels and patterned orange metal frames create a scaffold-like intervention with graffiti and other dwellings as the backdrop.”  

The precise slatted construction is intentionally designed so that children can climb up and down the walls, reaching small platforms on the second level, a wonderful application of structural playability.   “The main construction´s simplicity, repetitive logic and durability enables the local inhabitants to make adaptations that fit with their changing needs without endangering the projects structural strength or the general useability of the playground.”

All photos from TYIN tegnestue,  project found at dezeen
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