Imagination Playground, David Rockwell, 2008

And in this corner…

from the park’s website. Pro bono work by Rockwell, to be partially funded by Disney, as part of a program to introduce sand, water and other “loose parts” to 10 existing playgrounds across the city.

Imagination Playground is a sculptured environment with features that children can manipulate, such as sand and water. In place of traditional fixed equipment are the raw materials of creativity and sensory exploration. Working with experts in the field, Rockwell Group and the city sought to enhance a child’s play experience by creating a flexible armature for many types of activities. Imagination Playground will be a magnet for families from all the boroughs and a new community hub for Lower Manhattan.
Loose Parts. Imagination Playground provides children with “loose parts,” a changing array of objects and toys that allows them to make each visit a new experience. Using play props – building blocks, along with buckets, shovels, and other objects— kids at this playground can build something, tear it down, and start all over again. Pulleys, wagons and wheelbarrows will enable kids to load and unload “cargo” and move “stuff” from one place to another, precisely the type of “work” children universally love to do.
Play Associates. Trained Play Associates will be present at Imagination Playground. They will let play evolve by maintaining a safe and secure environment and by renewing and varying the supply of loose parts. Their job is to ensure a diverse, creative play space. Play Associates, an important part of Imagination Playground, allow children to play in the city in ways that would not be possible without a staff to oversee and maintain the play resources”

Ummm…does the shape remind anyone else of a Paramecium?

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  1. Martin Rayala, Ph.D. said:

    David Rockwell is a terrific designer and Imagination Playground is a great project. I’m guest editing an issue of SchoolArts magazine for Davis Publishing on design education and have received an article about a class project based on the idea of playground design. I’d love to see more projects in which students actually learn how to design play spaces. Can you help me out?

    April 02, 2008 at 8:32 pm

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