Learn-Move-Play-Ground, Baladilab with Susanne Hofman Architekten and Baupiloten, Cairo Egypt, 2012


2 schools (El Khods in Ard El Lewa and Shoubra)
25 students from Egypt
11 students from Germany
9 cmq of bricks
12 precompressed concrete tubes
25 trees
65 children
12 days of planning, designing, implementing
2 courtyards to be re-designed
1 cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Education

(Prof. Barbara Pampe & Prof. Vittoria Capresi, Architecture and Urban Design Program of the German University Cairo in cooperation with Prof. Susanne Hofmann and the Baupiloten (Technical University Berlin) and Omar Nagati (Cluster Cairo)

Wood and brick boxes are used to make a series of in-out-over-under spaces for two primary school courtyards in Cairo, and they did not neglect to add plants! Simple, durable, clever, fun, by Susanne Hofmann Architekten, who have appeared on the blog before for the inside-out spaces of their Taka Taku Land Preschool.

It’s fascinating how these boxes are essentially a simplified version of the far more elaborate interior play wall Susanne Hofmann Architekten built for a primary school in the first world, and what that says about the difference and distance between these two school playscapes. Both are beautiful.

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    […] (and more nice photos!) of the Learn-Move-Play-Ground project in Cairo Egypt (originally posted here) at the baladilab site.  Baladilab is a Design-Build studio in form of a Summer School organised […]

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