Monstrum Playgrounds

(Love the height of that entry! Most playground steps are so low that kids will try to take them two at a time to make their own challenge, which is actually less safe.)
In the playscapes of Danish firm Monstrum (translation: monster), boats tilt at crazy angles, wrecked planes lie broken in half, playhouses provide escape from gigantic spiders, and hidden portals lead to the belly of a whale. These are playgrounds that don’t shrink from challenging children either physically or mentally.
There is a sense of thrill and danger that most modern playgrounds lack, provided not so much through physical challenges–though the off-kilter angles do create unique play experiences–as through the playground’s imaginative story. The strong forms manage to escape the ‘cuteness’ that can plague story-based playgrounds, and their use of wood is exemplary. Great work.
Many more photos on their website…it was hard for me to choose. [Thanks Ole!]

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