More Monsters from Monstrum

Monstrum continue their playscapes of mystery with a climbable dragon, a shattered globe, an angry robot, a haunted house, and an owl king and queen watching over their kingdom of fungi and beetles.  So.  Awesome.  To avoid too many photos in the gallery of this single post, I’ll do some follow-ups on the individual sites.  But for now, think about the strong narrative that Monstrum utilizes as part of the playground experience.  All children are imaginative, but a prompt helps ignite their narrative play.

Monstrum’s playgrounds are the physically-engaging equivalent of the Lemony Snicket stories or the Ghashlycrumb Tinies or the Horrible Histories, all beloved by kids.  In those books, and in Monstrum’s spaces,  a child can face existential threats,  meet daunting challenges, and pass through them all to reach safely home. A bit of menace on the playground is a good thing.


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