Pastello Playscape, National Gallery Melbourne, Mathery Studio, 2014

An installation at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia turned the sedate act of drawing into active, physical play by creating crayons used not just with fingers, but with head, elbows, and feet!  Erika Zorzi and Matteo Signelli of Mathery Studios  subtitled their immersive art space “Draw, Act”, emphasizing its physicality:  

The objective of the space is to ask children to break out of their comfort zone and to become active protagonists in the physical act of drawing. Children will be prompted to draw in odd and quirky ways; through sport, performance and random bodily expression, using melted oil pastels as re-imagined drawing contraptions.”

They thoughtfully left alot of empty space in the floorplan so that kids could jump around and sprawl out in their crayon-activated garb, and covered the floor with astroturf to trap the crayon dust and keep it from being tracked all over the museum.  Clever on so many levels.

[Thanks for the link, Kat! via frameweb]

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