Play Inspiration from MUF Architecture, London

I’m always intrigued by the work of MUF Architecture/Art, a rare female-led studio in London..their work is subtle, but always inspires me to new thoughts about play.  Look at how their  ‘play blanket’ on the ground busts the traditional playground boundary fence, and how their benches and teeter-totters do, too.

While the narrative elements of MUF’s play design aren’t as overt as, say, Monstrum’s,  I particularly like their creation of relics, both historic and fictitious, to add imagination.   In Camden, they put a water feature with an ornate historic-style mask right at the child’s level, and surrounded a tree with scrolly ironwork borrowed from London’s Victorian past.

MUF’s use of  of ‘ruins’, remnants of walls, in the landscape, is particularly inspiring.  Another firm might have torn down the old brick walls that surrounded the trash bins… but MUF knew that adding a platform and some fenestrations would make it a theatre.   They call this building on ‘marginalized’ play opportunities, and I’m inspired by it! Look around at your playscape this winter morning and think about what ‘marginalized’  play opportunities you can bring to the fore.

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