Play Notes for your April 19, 2013 weekend

Cynthia Gentry of the Atlanta Taskforce on Play sends word that the ATL playground, winner of the Playable10 competition, has been named #1 in the “50 Things Every Atlantan Must Do!” by Atlanta Magazine.  This is a great example of a playspace becoming part of a city’s identity.  I was pleased to be a judge for Playable10.

Archdaily has a great new article on Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam and her crocheted playgrounds.

The Child and Nature Network are again partnering with Clif in the Backyard Game Contest…enter by June 17th to win $15,000 for your favorite non-profit or a $10,000 scholarship.

Budding Playground designer Lisa Kramer is trying to raise $1755 via indiegogo to build a playground in Phumlani village, Cape Town, South Africa.  It’s a reminder to all of us that playgrounds shouldn’t cost so much!

The Center for Ecoliteracy has a new free download about making school gardens:   “Creating Gardens of Goodness,.  They also offer the perennially popular Getting Started: A Guide for Creating School Gardens as Outdoor Classrooms.   If you’re making a school garden, think about how you can add play to it as well!  Consider a swinging gate, a climbable edging, a sand pit, some stumps as sitting/jumping platforms…

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