Playful, Colorful Grounds for Play by NIP Paysage

If you’re making a playground, don’t forget to make the ground plane itself as playful as possible!  It is the surface that the kids will touch the most, and to neglect it by just pouring out safety surfacing or mulch or gravel is to miss a wealth of play opportunities.   One of the Playscapes mantras is, of course, playgrounds-should-not-be-flat,  but sometimes altering an existing flat surface isn’t an option; particularly when urban schoolyards must double as parking lots and sports fields.  At a series of schools across Quebec the Montreal firm NIP Paysage energized schoolyards with lively painted markings that went well beyond the standard paint schemes of hopscotch and world maps.   They intervened only lightly with the ground plane, adding some boulders, log benches and tilted facets in smaller areas that don’t interfere with the schoolyard ‘flat-use’ needs.  Even if all you have is an flat, asphalt schoolyard, be inspired by these examples to make it as playful as possible!

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