PlayWorld Dome, Arc2 Architecture, Bristol UK, 2002

More geodesicity…Arc2 Architecture used a geodesic structure to support a multigenerational play space at the Hengrove Playpark in Bristol UK.  Rather than growing up from the ground the play structures are suspended from the dome roof, which is 25 metres in diameter and constructed of  Azobé hardwood.  It is interesting to see a playscape that is so not about the ground.  Arc2 mentions the ‘thrilling sensation’ that kids get from ascending the structure; this is another example of a ‘feel-risky-play-safe’ design technique.

I particularly like their focus on designing for ‘vigorous’ play.  Most playgrounds anticipate such a tame and placid variety of play that it is no wonder they get it, and that children lack the health and anti-obesity benefits playgrounds could help provide.   Plan for vigorous!

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