Prometheus, Galopin Parques, Oza Park, Corunna Spain, 2010

Prometeo en Oza from comunicacion galopin on Vimeo.

Thanks to the anonymous reader who submitted this, one of the most interesting pieces of playground equipment I’ve seen!  Is it a tightrope, or a moving balance beam, or a tethered swing…not sure but I want to play on it.

‘Prometheus‘ was designed to be intergenerational:  adults, teens and children can all play at once, arranging themselves on a rollicking tightrope designed to suggest the deck of a ship and its masts.   It provides that great falling-but-not-falling motion of the best swings and slides, in a totally new form.

Oza Park was designed by Galopin Parques, and the Prometheus is available commercially, from Benito Urban as part of a line called Pro Kinetik.  I couldn’t tell who to credit for the engineering and design; if you have further information please enlighten me!

[images from galopin parques]


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  1. Aneta Kudasik said:

    That's so cool, very different!

    August 07, 2012 at 6:13 pm

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