Schulberg playground, Wiesbaden Germany, Annabau, 2011

For a playground situated in the city center, architects Annabau designed a continuous climbing structure that winds through existing trees.  Twists and height changes of its frame not only increase the play interest, but also respond to the site; creating entrance frames into the interior, space for additional play eqipment like swings, and lookouts that complement the architecture of the center city.

I’m impressed by the way this single structure offers play challenges for all ages.   Annabau wisely chose to consider the net separately from the frame; at places the frame rises while the net falls into large, loose spaces.  Flat, low areas of the frame add to the nets rubber pads for walking across and trampoline-like sections for jumping.  The interior of the pentagon, which references the shape of historic Wiesbaden,  has sand and modeled hills to allow for quieter play.    Brilliantly done!

via archdaily  and landzine

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  1. ColinMcCampbell said:

    Enjoyed this post and support your view that the well designed play space is an undervalued artform. I was triggered to write about another fantastic play/ art piece I encountered when I lived in Japan. Pictures and details here

    June 07, 2011 at 10:57 am

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