Spööökitetsparken (Ghost Playground), Varberg Sweden, Monstrum, 2012


For your Halloween viewing, a playground worth a trick-or-treat!  The ghost playground of Varberg, Sweden features a spook house with a haunted hall, painted with old portraits of Swedish kings and queens.  Their eyes follow you as you climb up to the balcony.  But if you find it a bit too scary you can quickly take the big slide to escape!  Outside, climb onto the back of a fluttering bat (did that wing just move?!?) or up a twisted tree in the  forest of doom while little white ghosties drift around you.   Hope they’re friendly.

From Monstrum, of course.

And I love the word Spööökitetsparken.


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  1. David Gough said:

    The ghosts are most definitely friendly!

    November 01, 2013 at 6:07 am

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