Tower Water Play, Petter Ljungberg, Södertälje, Sweden

Most outdoor water play installations are horizontal and require a lot of space.  Petter Ljungberg‘s installation reminds of the possibilities of vertical water play–more easily inserted into smaller urban areas.   It has great local context, too:  local builders provided the wooden form inspired by an old church clock tower.  Underneath, Petter constructed a water system that falls from the top of the tower, through five-free hanging barrels and then into two different waterways that can be manipulated by wheels, gates, knobs, and jumping jets of water.   The water ultimately ends up in the planting beds as irrigation, and the tower is also designed to form a 10 meter waterfall from the roof when it rains.   And it’s lit for nighttime use!  Kids have historically played in the fountains of market squares anyway, and this design solidifies that memory.   Like the Guldberg Square, it’s a great example of integrating play into the very center of a civic space.

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