From our correspondents…

While I finish writing a grant application on electroactive polymers (!) do take some time to peruse the great recent posts by our Playscapes correspondents

Eloise (France) visits the wonderful Jean DuBuffet sculpture, Closerie Fabala, constructed 1967-1973.  Dubuffet’s Jardin d’email was the subject of one of the very first Playscapes posts way back in 2008!  The landscape scale of these artworks make them some of the best examples of sculpture-as-playground.   Also don’t miss her visit her earlier visits  with Le Gentil Garcon (Julien Amouroux), the artist behind the Genialith playscape.

Amowi (Ghana) presents her very first post on the Agoro, a delightful musical and sensory play object designed in conjunction with students at TUDelft.  I’m excited about more posts from Amowi featuring imaginative play tied to African cultural traditions.

Maier (Israel)  presents the ‘adoption’ of a Constructivist sculpture by Yehi’el Shemi as a  play element.  The sculpture is the focal point of play in the Ben Swig Memorial Garden, with kids preferring it over the ‘standard’ playground the park also includes.  What should that tell us?

Back soon…thanks for your patience with my science.

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