Buzzbench, AnneMarie van Splunter, Amsterdam, 2015

“First of all, one must choose a permanent residence for the bees, …” Virgil: Georgics IV”

Playcapes’ friend AnneMarie van Splunter, whose Play Modules are a perennial favorite on the blog, begins a new project in January, a “Buzzbench” for Amstel Park in Amsterdam:  “a sculptural environment of (native) cane and bamboo and wild bees which people can share….a monumental bench in a field of flowers that offers people a seat at the same time it is a habitat for insects.”

Bug hotels have become a popular feature in natural playgrounds,  and I like how this project takes the idea a step further to make an architectural feature perfect for a naturalistic play space. Buzzbench reached its fundraising goals via the voordekunst platform, plus donations from Amsterdam’s Fund for the Arts, Municipality Amsterdam Zuid, and Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds.  I’m really excited to see crowdfunding being used as a way to promote innovative and playful public projects, and hope this trend continues!  When you support a project like AnneMarie’s or Tali’s, you’re not just supporting that individual thing, you’re helping grow an ecosystem for funding play outside of the stuffy, limiting models of grant-funding and tax dollars.  If you’re crowdfunding an innovative project for play, please send it to me.

And quoting the Georgics is a sure-fire way to win my support.  I do love some Virgil.

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