Patrick Dougherty Stick Sculpture, Olympia Children’s Museum, 2014

Artist Patrick Dougherty’s Stickworks are always play-ful, but the whimsical maze-like construction at the Olympia Hands-on Children’s Museum in Olympia, Washington, described as spiralling up “like whipped cream with towers”  is specifically designed for play with pathways and archways and secret hiding places.  Don’t miss the fascinating video (below) that shows the construction process (who knew that you needed a crew of leaf-strippers?).  And I love his enunciation of a concept that we’ve talked about here before at Playscapes as “feel-risky-play-safe”:  “You don’t want to lose your children, you just want them to feel as though they can be lost”.   Lost in a Stickworks sculpture is a great place to be!

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