“Aldo van Eyck, Seventeen Playgrounds” by Anna van Lingen and Denisa Kollarová

When I spoke at Sheffield’s Site Gallery in 2014, Anna van Lingen and Denisa Kollarová were also on the slate to discuss their project examining seventeen of Aldo van Eyck’s remaining playgrounds in Amsterdam.   Their talk, below, has unique contemporary footage and ind-depth discussion of the site’s elements, and their book entitled “Aldo Van Eyck, Seventeen Playgrounds”, is now available for pre-order at the reduced price of 15 euro!  Email info@annavanlingen.com with your name, address, and number of copies by January 25 to take advantage of the offer.

“Aldo van Eyck, Seventeen Playgrounds is a pocket size tour guide that brings you to seventeen remaining playgrounds in the centre of Amsterdam. While you are moving from one playground to the next, you will get to know more about the city, Aldo van Eyck and his ideas about designing for children…An important aspect of his design is his strive to stimulate the imagination and ingenuity of the child, which is visible in the minimalistic shapes of the play equipment.

Throughout the years van Eyck developed a web of over seven hundred playgrounds scattered across the city, in order to give children their own recognizable domain. Of these hundreds of playgrounds you nowadays only find a few remaining play elements that have to share their space with colorful slides and swings, many have completely disappeared and only few playgrounds are still intact. ”

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