Happy Birthday Aldo! Happy Birthday Blog!

Aldo van Eyck was born March 16, 1918, which would have made him 96 this year.  And this blog is six.  As always, I like to give you a present, dear readers, on our very own saint day.  A big thanks to our friends at Monstrum this year for letting us release their ‘car and caravan’ plan here at Playscapes.  Now you can have your own Monstrum playground in the backyard!

“The car and caravan is packed and ready for the kids to go on vacation. The car has room for 4 children, and the rest of their friends can go in the caravan. So there is room for everyone to come along and visit new and exciting places.”

Oh, the places you’ll go, when you start a blog about playgrounds.  It has been six years of constant surprises.  I’m glad I’m still here, and you’re still here, on this caravan, and that playgrounds are way, seriously way, better than they were six years ago.   You’ve been a part of that, and I thank you.

Happy Birthday Aldo!  Happy Birthday Blog!

Download Monstrum’s Car and Caravan here!

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