Oasis Playscape and Street-Sign Slide DIY, Zid Zid Kids, Manama, Bahrain, 2012


First, meet Julie Klear, co-founder of Zid Zid kids and your Playscapes correspondent for the MENA region (Middle East North Africa)!  This is an area whose play provision I know very little about and I’m thrilled to have Julie posting from there.  You can see her first post here, and she’s also provided us with a wonderful set of DIY instructions for a slide made from recycled cable spools and road signs, based on one she and husband Moulay Essakalli created for the neighborhood children of the Bahraini Art Gallery, Al Riwaq located in Manama, Bahrain.

Before the build, ZidZid conducted a design workshop that included walking the children through their neighborhood to notice the elements of their suroundings, and collecting found materials to make landscape collages.    No wonder then, that a two-story climbing slide–made from discarded cable spools and road signs–was born, inspired by a vintage photograph.  The “Oasis Playscape” for Al Riwaq also included  a tree house, a recycled tire swing, large chalkboard walls for drawing, sand, climbing stumps made from recycled telephone poles, giant silicon pipes used as tunnels and a recycled tire climbing wall.

I’m thrilled to be able to bring you instructions for making the delightful road sign slide!  But it’s not just a slide; clever construction adds a tunnel in the slide’s base and cozy play spaces inside the spool.  You can download full details (with lots more pictures) from this link.

Julie and Moulay are interested in hearing from any other play designers in the MENA region…if you are one, leave a message in the comments!


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