Mid-Century Playground of Big Tanks and Boxes, 1967

Life Magazine also had more information about this playground, previously featured on the blog…in 1967 it was New York’s newest, a prototype playscape designed by Jerry Lieberman and funded by the Pepsi-Cola Company.  Lieberman wanted to create a playground out of materials that were “safe, attractive, and cheap” but had “inherent qualities for new kinds of play”.  It was intended for mass-production, though I can find no indication it ever moved beyond this single installation.

The tank climber was in fact an oil storage tank of translucent fiberglass, fitted with colored vinyl windows and a fiberglass girder slide, and the boxy playscape was a surrealistic city formed from storage cartons.

According to a 1971 news article, Lieberman’s designs, which he referred to as ‘recre-educational’, were originally on display at the Owens-Corning Fiberglass Center, and he ‘designed for playgrounds all over the country’, though I can find no further mention of his work.

“A Children’s Garden’s of Plastic Delights”. Life Magazine, July 14, 1967

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