Model for a Slide Mantra, Isamu Noguchi, 1966-1985

I never fail to be inspired by a visit to the Noguchi Museum, and by discussions with its committed, creative staff.  The collection is so broad that all of Noguchi’s play work can’t be on display at once  (see a previous post showing the poignant bronze casts of the sculpted playscapes he never got to build), but this time they had his models of the Slide Mantra on display.   It is difficult to do a short post on Noguchi, because his contribution to play is so broad and so complex.  But lots of Noguchi conversations are planned for next year, so stay tuned!  For now, be reminded that Noguchi said that his Slide Mantra sculptures, which he worked on for two decades, would be completed when the slide was polished by the action of many kids sliding down it.

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