Peacock Slide, 1977, Gunnar Westman, Copenhagen

In writing the post about the new art playground at Nikolaj Plads, I was intrigued by the mention of a previous peacock slide on the site.  Turns out this was a work by Danish sculptor Gunnar Westman (so in a way, the whole art playground thing is hardly a new idea!)  who was also responsible for five play sculptures at Tivoli and two large wooden figures for the Danish pavilion playground at the New York World’s fair in 1964-65.   And apparently also a roller coaster at the Nikolaj Plads site!   I’ve been unable to trace these, so get in touch if you have memories/photos.

The peacock, beloved by the children of Copenhagen, was in such deteriorated condition that it could no longer remain in place, but it was passed to  Gunnar Westman’s daughter Inge Lise Westman, also an artist, and restored through funding from the New Carlsberg Foundation, with plans to reinstall the slide in the Royal Horticultural Society Garden at Frederiksberg where it will have the chance to commune with the live peacocks that roam the grounds.  [source]

[Images of the peacock slide are by Sandra Hoj from her blog Classic Copenhagen which always makes me want to pack up and move to Denmark!]


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