Play in Museums: John Bridgeman and Simon and Tom Bloor at Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum, Leamington Spa UK

Leamington Spa’s Design for Pleasure exhibition is the first retrospective of the work of British artist John Bridgeman (1916-2004) whose three-dimensional work  included “gigantic ‘Play Sculptures’ that were installed in playgrounds throughout the West Midlands in the 1960s, which are depicted in large photographs on the walls of the exhibition. They were inspired by Scandinavian sculptures that were being erected in this country at the time in order to provide children with imaginative, tactile objects to play with in parks.” [source]

In conjunction with the exhibition, artists Simon and Tom Bloor have designed a new public art piece–a faceted ‘house’–for the museum’s garden.

All images via simon and tom bloor’s website (a  trove of visual inspiration!)


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