#TBT Futuristic Garden Show Playground, 1974, Vienna Austria

For #TBT, a couple of images from a trippy, futuristic playground installed at a garden show in Vienna Austria in 1974 that seems to combine a playhouse/slide with a boatable lake! Note also the playscape of rounded white hills in the background. I could find very little information on this playscape (do get in touch if you know more), but I came across it while doing some research into Germany’s spectacular tradition of garden shows. I’m coming to the conclusion that one of the factors in the advanced development of the playground art in Germany and nearby countries is the importance of these shows, and the inclusion of large playgrounds in them. Innovative designs are displayed every year and visited by tens of thousands of professionals and parents alike, thus disseminating new ideas and high standards for design throughout the country. There is no equivalent tradition here in the United States. Watch for more from the great Gartenschauen over the next few weeks!

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