#TBT Modernist Playground, 1960, Brockwell Park, London

Many of the post-war modernist housing developments in the UK installed concrete playgrounds to match their similarly sparse exteriors.  They were rarely successful as spaces, and most are now lost,  but they did provide a new aesthetic and–most importantly–promoted the idea that play was worthy of serious architectural attention, and that playgrounds could be important design elements in their own right.  This image, from Historic England,  was next to Bedford House, near Brockwell Park.  Exact and designer unknown…get in touch if you have it!

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  1. Cindy at enclos*ure said:

    Wonderful image. (I’m really hoping that the bottom of that long slide into a stone-paved pit is sand and not more stone.)

    I loving this blog!

    May 15, 2015 at 4:05 am

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