#TBT Mylar Playground, “Slipcover” Les Levine, 1967

Or what about a mylar happening at your playground?  Shades of Jonah! I’ve just been inside one whale of a Happening! As part of what it calls its continuing series of environmental exhibits, the Architectural League of New York presented Les Levine’s Slipcover, a ‘Place,’ in its ground floor gallery…’Place’ is the ideal name for Slipcover, which consists of three rooms, the floors, ceilings and walls of which are covered in Mirro-Brite, a mirror finished metalized polyester filmThe Telegram, April 22, 1967.”    Note the emphasis on making ‘place’, something playground makers often forget in favor of making ‘stuff’.  Levine’s acrylic bubble sculptures  (1967) also provide scope for the playful imagination.  Both were enjoyed by both children AND grown-ups.  [source]

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