#TBT Vintage Aztec Playground, Lincoln Park, Los Angeles, c. 1973

“These photos were taken on the last days before this playground was unnecessarily destroyed. My kids enjoyed this more than the new playground that replaced it.”

For Throwback Thursday, the sad tale of the lovely Aztec Playground at Lincoln Park (formerly Eastside Park) in Los Angeles California,  whose life and demise is lovingly chronicled by an anonymous devotee of the park, source of all the photos in this post.

I doubt that the new, manufactured playground played the same role in the 85,000 person strong “Festival of Friends” that the Aztec playground had.  Special places beget special events.  The Aztec playground was special.  The new playground….wasn’t.

Maybe we should start calling this #PreservationThursday.  If you know of a vintage playground that is endangered and needs preserving, get in touch!

[no information on the designer, exact date of construction, or date of demolition…if you have more info please do leave a comment!]

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  1. Susan Casentini said:

    Our Mid-Century Play Structure ihas been at risk of destruction by the Oakland Public Works. We
    are still not out-of-the-woods yet.

    Please refer to our FB Page: Lake Merritt’s Mid-Century Monster Fan Club for more information.

    Created by Bob Winston in the early 1950’s in Oakland, CA. Commissioned by
    William Penn Mott, Jr.

    We’ve manage to stop the demolisition process. Still waiting on the work plan, costs and outside funding.
    We have a Sponsor and are creating a Crowd Sourcing Campaign. Oakland Heritage Alliance stands by us.The Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board has it on next month’s agenda. Hoping to get exemption from new ADA, and playground requirments. This is our biggest hurdle right now.

    April 20, 2015 at 10:45 pm

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