Play in Museums – the Playground Project at the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh

Hello again!  I’ve been away at a conference on science and romantic-era literature…expected I could keep posting whilst I was away but my head was too full of Shelley and Coleridge.  But the conference location afforded me the opportunity to stop by Pittsburgh’s  Carnegie Museum of Art to see the Lozziwurm (unfortunately it was rainy so no children were playing) and the Playground Project exhibit, coordinated by Gabriela Burkhalter of architekturfuerkinder.  It’s difficult to stage an exhibition about playgrounds…how do you move play into the gallery?  But the Playground Project assembles a unique set of  plans, photographs, and rarely-seen video footage of  the sometimes wacky but always innovative world of play space as conceived in the mid twentieth century; from DIY to the avant-garde.   Take particular note of the display on the work of the Ludic Group; plans and photographs of their work has heretofore been difficult to come by.  Congratulations to Gaby and the Carnegie (which, btw, has an astonishing collection in general and you should not fail to stop by if you’re in the area).  There is much more exciting activity on the play-in-museums front…I’ll share more exhibits to add to your summer travel schedule in tomorrow’s post!


2 Responses to “Play in Museums – the Playground Project at the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh”

  1. Sarah Carrier said:

    Coverage in the NYT of this exhibit with some great images and a link to a video which shows the context of the playground and the Lozziwurm being assembled.

    July 07, 2013 at 4:18 pm

  2. Jonathan Gaugler said:

    Jonathan from the Carnegie here. So glad you enjoyed your visit! We *just* finished installing the last chunk of our permanent collection last weekend, so your timing was excellent.

    June 13, 2013 at 8:31 am

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