18th Century Seesaws

Which is not to compare to this fabulous sculpted seesaw from late 18th century Germany, found at the blog 50watts, from the book Children’s Toys of Bygone Days: A History of Playthings of All Peoples from Prehistoric Times to the XIXth Century by Karl Grober, English version by Philip Hereford. London, 1928.  I have just ordered this book and can’t WAIT to read it.

P.S.  Thanks, readers,  for letting me know that the pictures on the posts aren’t coming through correctly on the RSS feed/feedburner emails.  Working on it!

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  1. Robin Sutcliffe said:

    Wow, this would require some risk benefit assesment! could historic value be considered on the benfit side?

    May 07, 2013 at 4:44 am

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